CVS – FREE Back To School Supplies – Book Covers, Rulers, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Pencils, Compass, Protractor, Notebooks

I think CVS is just trying to lure us into their stores (which is working).  They’ve put so much on sale for free, that I have to drive to 3-4 different CVS stores just to find the FREE stuff in stock!   Here’s the FREE stuff this week, but good luck finding a store that has it in stock….these are FREE through Tuesday…. 

CVS or Caliber 1 Subject Notebook, 70-80 sheets  On sale for $0.99 cents each…pick up two of these, and you’ll get $1.98 back at the register in ExtraBucks. 
Caliber Compass or Protractor– These are on sale for $1.50 each…since we have a limit of 2 per CVS Card, pick up one of each…you’ll get $3.00 back in ExtraBucks upon checkout.
CVS or Caliber Pens or Wooden Pencils– Each pack is marked down to $0.99.  We’re allowed 2 per CVS Card (household), so pick up a pack of each.  (With all the free pens over the last 3 weeks, if you can find the pencils, grab ’em.  I haven’t been able to find these at all.)  You’ll get $1.98 back in ExtraBucks on your receipt after checkout for next time.
CVS or Caliber Glue Stick or Sticky Notes– These are on sale for $0.99 each.  The sticky notes were free last week, so if you got them, grab the glue sticks this time around.  Limit of 2 per CVS Card/Household, and you’ll get $1.98 back at check out.
Caliber or It’s Academic Scissors– These are on sale for $2.99 each, and we’re permitted 2 pairs per household.  Some of the CVS Stores have them behind the counter, so if they aren’t on the rack, ask an associate.  You’ll get $5.98 back in ExtraBucks at the bottom of your receipt.
Caliber or It’s Academic Flexi Ruler– These are $0.99 each.  With the free rulers a week ago, I have about 4 of these already.  Get them if you need them, or donate them to a school near you.  You’ll get $1.98 back in ExtraBucks for your next visit.
Caliber or It’s Academic Stretchable Book Cover– much for making book covers out of brown grocery bags (does anyone remember that?)  These are SO COOL.  They are washable and completely reusable and come in really cool designs and colors.  You’ll pay $0.99 each for them but you’ll get your $1.98 back in ExtraBucks.  We’re limited to 2, which is a bummer, so hopefully they’ll be on sale again soon!
2-Pocket Poly Portfolio-These are on sale for $0.49 each.  We’re allowed 2 of them, and you’ll get your $0.98 back in ExtraBucks…but if you can find them, and you’re in the Phoenix area, please post where you find them.  I looked at 3 different CVS stores, and no luck.

Good luck this week…it’s tough out there!  ~CouponCathy
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